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Colour Study

Experimental Short, CBC Gem
The hues of life swirl around us every day. In this evocative short film, writers Charles Demers, Chelene Knight and Shazia Hafiz Ramji take us on a dreamy journey through ROYGBIV, sorting memories into the spectrum.

We are very proud and happy to share this short experimental film – it was definitely a passion project.

We were lucky enough to be awarded the Creative BC / CBC Digital Production Fund in 2019 to produce this project. At the time, Colour Study had been an idea sitting on our back burner for over two years. This amazing funding opportunity was pointed out to us and we were motivated to pull the team together and submit an application!

Writers Charles Demers, Chelene Knight, and Shazia Hafiz Ramji joined us and their work set the whole thing in motion. It was a hugely collaborative process on everything from wardrobe and casting to production design and dance. In post production, we saw how the incredible work done in sound design, composing, and colour elevated the whole film to the next level. Dream team!