Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars
” Whispers to Rockefeller”

Music Video
Track from the album Eye of Winter
Starring Paul Anthony, Cameron Macleod.
Directed by Anthem Jackson

  • If there was an art to capturing the various stages of heartbreak, the video for Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars’ video for “Whispers to Rockefeller” has perfected it.

  • “Paul Anthony and Cam MacLeod are a couple unraveling in this melancholy bit of heartbreak, which climaxes with the eerily beautiful visual of fiery mannequin heads bouncing down stone steps.”

  • The video is an interesting vignette, and very well done. I feel sorry for the mannequin wig heads, though. They are always the ones that suffer.

    ~Ride The Tempo

Project Brief

For whatever reason we had a bunch of these mannequin heads and we felt like they needed to be worked into something special. One night we went out with a pile of gasoline and lit them on fire and kicked them down a staircase and captured it in beautiful slow motion. We had that footage on a hard drive somewhere and didn’t know what to do with it until Colin Cowan and the Elastic Stars requested a music video. 

We built a narrative around dealing with lost love and created a stylish vignette of the emotions one goes through to get over it. We hired some actors, found a few more heads and lit some stuff on fire again.