Art Minute

CBC Arts
75 shorts
directed by Anthem Jackson

Project Brief

CBC Arts tasked us with interviewing 75 Vancouver artists from multiple disciplines. These 1-minute documentary shorts provide a brief, but intimate look into some of the issues facing artists today.

We caught glimpses of unique processes and techniques, as well as amazing finished artwork. The videos are launching through CBC Arts’ social media and web vertical.

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Kim Dorland – painter

“The beautiful thing about growing up white trash is that I was fearless when it came to this because if I failed, it’s not like I was going to be disappointing anyone in my family…At the time, I was really just stupid. Who goes into the arts? But I didn’t have that fear. I’m not in here making product. I’m trying my best to make art — and art, I think, comes from challenge.”

Niina Chebry – painter

“Palette knives don’t cut it. I have a selection of spatulas. It’s been my favourite tool for the last ten years or so. You can buy spatulas in the art store now, but I’ve been using these for years.”

William Dereume – comic artist

“A big part of my process is making my art practice manageable for me, and manageable often means cheap, so I draw on the lowest quality of materials,” he explains. “I guess a holdover from drawing on shitty paper is that I still draw on shitty paper.”