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Anthem Jackson is a full service creative production company based in Vancouver, BC.
We produce commercials, documentaries, and narrative works.

Selected Press

  • “Anthem Jackson directs with some gorgeously muted tones that compliment this beautifully lonely song by Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars to a T. Cleanse that soul. Cleanse it with fire.”

    Ion Magazine
  • “Paul Anthony and Cam MacLeod are a couple unraveling in this melancholy bit of heartbreak, which climaxes with the eerily beautiful visual of fiery mannequin heads bouncing down stone steps.”

  • “The video for Brasstronaut’s track “Hawk” does more than reference Maud’s original film. Turning Pink into a catalyst for a series of creative re-interpretations by 20 different artists from all different mediums.”

  • “Daniel Code directs the accompanying video, which dramatically re-paces a darkened homage to The Karate Kid. Slow-motion  is utilized to great effect, bringing dramatic visual elements to each scene.”

    Beatroute Magazine
  • “Anthem Jackson captures a sun-kissed roadtrip for Twin River’s second single Settle Down. Shot on camcorders, it centres on the bond between two women traveling through the Netherlands.”

    Pomo News
  • “Anthem Jackson directs this new video from Light Organ Records’ chanteuse Louise Burns. Great locations, great use of the super slow shots, and above all, a great story about a very brave little girl!”

    Scout Magazine