Who We Are

Anthem Jackson is a full service production company based in Vancouver, Canada. We specialize in original content creation from concept to completion in film, television, and commercial production.

Selected Clients

  • “Anthem Jackson directs with some gorgeously muted tones that compliment this beautifully lonely song by Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars to a T. Cleanse that soul. Cleanse it with fire.”

    Ion Magazine
  • “Paul Anthony and Cam MacLeod are a couple unraveling in this melancholy bit of heartbreak, which climaxes with the eerily beautiful visual of fiery mannequin heads bouncing down stone steps.”

  • “The video for Brasstronaut’s track “Hawk” does more than reference Maud’s original film. Turning Pink into a catalyst for a series of creative re-interpretations by 20 different artists from all different mediums.”

  • “Anthem Jackson captures a sun-kissed roadtrip for Twin River’s second single Settle Down. Shot on camcorders, it centres on the bond between two women traveling through the Netherlands.”

    Pomo News
  • “Anthem Jackson directs this new video from Light Organ Records’ chanteuse Louise Burns. Great locations, great use of the super slow shots, and above all, a great story about a very brave little girl!”

    Scout Magazine


Production Services

Need an editor? How about a locations team?
How about a one-stop-shop? Anthem Jackson can provide full
production services to agencies, production companies, and filmmakers.


Where in Vancouver can double for a scene in a Miami hotel from the 1970’s? We can help. Do you need to do a company move from a forest to a fancy furniture store? Sure, we have that on the same block. With our extensive library of scouted locations, there’s always a solution available for your production.

Anthem Jackson has accounts with local gear providers, rental houses, and transport crews. We can help set up your production and equip your crew.


A project can only be as good as its crew, which is why we are lucky to have a great local roster of talented collaborators. Whether it’s dancers or DOPs, dolly grips or dog handlers, Anthem Jackson can assemble the crew you need — big or small.

We are fully insured, WCB-compliant, and have successfully worked in all GVRD municipalities — and further afield. Anthem Jackson works to ensure safe and supportive workspaces free of discrimination or harassment on every project.


Features (doc or scripted), shorts, commercials, and music videos — we’ve cut them all. Graphics, colour grading, VFX, and animations in 2D, 3D, or hand-drawn — for these tasks, we have a slew of creative collaborators whom we regularly work with.

Dailies, project prep, conforms, and onlines? Keep ’em coming. Whether you’re heading into an edit with Avid, Premiere, Resolve, or FCPX — we can help make your post production ride a smooth one.

Example Production Services Project

Nike Vaporknit Jersey – Canada Match

client: Nike
creative direction: Kid. Studio
photographer: Maria Schüler
production company: HPLA
production services: Anthem Jackson

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