CBC Arts “Art Minute”

Art Minute is a new series for CBC Arts, that takes you inside the minds of Canadian artists to hear what makes them tick and the ideas behind their work.

Directed//Produced by Anthem Jackson
Executive Producer – Lark Productions

“Do you want to feel and be emotionally intelligent and use that as a creative juice? Or do you want to just placidly go through life, just kind of feeling okay about everything?– Katie So, illustrator




Anthem Jackson is the filmmaking duo Daniel Code and Graham Kew. Daniel's background is in comedy, while Graham comes from editing. Together, their distinct skill sets strike a perfect balance in order for them to create captivating and unusual films.

Anthem Jackson regularly collaborates with producers, directors, writers, musicians, and actors on projects spanning from music videos and commercials, to short films and web series.
“Anthem Jackson directs with some gorgeously muted tones that compliment this beautifully lonely song by Colin Cowan & the Elastic Stars to a T. Cleanse that soul. Cleanse it with fire.”Ion Magazine
“Paul Anthony and Cam MacLeod are a couple unraveling in this melancholy bit of heartbreak, which climaxes with the eerily beautiful visual of fiery mannequin heads bouncing down stone steps.”CBC
“[Anthem Jackson] directs this new video from Light Organ Records’ chanteuse Louise Burns. Great locations, great use of the super slow shots, and above all, a great story about a very brave little girl!”Scout Magazine
“Daniel Code directs the accompanying video, which dramatically re-paces a darkened homage to The Karate Kid.“Beatroute


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