Say Hello Sweets

“Baby Cakes the catalyst”

Commercial, Branded Content Documentary
Featuring the Naomi, the founder of Say Hello Sweets
and her pooch, Baby Cakes
Directed by Anthem Jackson

Say Hello Sweets

A Vancouver-based vegan ice cream truck. It’s delicious.


Project Brief

Say Hello Sweets is a vegan ice cream truck created by Naomi and her partner Eric, that operates in Vancouver, BC. When Naomi’s big pooch got injured and required a very expensive surgery, she had a hard time making ends meet. Naomi took an unusual approach to paying off the debt from her dog’s surgery –– she started making vegan ice cream.

We pitched a simple short doc about a gal and her dog (#adoptdontshop). Her product already appeals to a vegan audience, but we wanted to deepen that appeal by creating empathy for her story.

Additional Campaign Content

Naomi and Babycakes had many of colourful stories that we utilized for additional video content. These additional videos kept the Say Hello Sweets campaign alive for the weeks following the premiere of the main short documentary, while also providing viewers a deeper backstory about Naomi, her business, and her pooch.

Each of these additional videos were prepped at various aspect ratios, as well as with or without burned in captions, or .srt captions, for best display across multiple platforms like Instagram, and Facebook.