Louise Burns- “Heaven”

Music Video
Starring Teila Nobel, David Chin, Jason Asuncion.
Directed by Anthem Jackson

  • Anthem Jackson directs this new video from Light Organ Records’ chanteuse Louise Burns. Great locations, great use of the super slow shots, and above all, a great story about a very brave little girl!”

    ~Scout Magazine
  • “Daniel Code directs the accompanying video, which dramatically re-paces a darkened homage to The Karate Kid.“

  • ” Teila Nobel wins young Actress age 9 or younger in a Music Video”

    ~2014 Joey Awards

Project Brief

Light Organ Records and Louise Burns wanted to do something to compliment her latest album ‘The Midnight Mass’.  Louise was a huge fan of surrealism and mystic fantasy concepts and for what ever reason at the same time, we were really into Karate kid. 

We decided to figure out a way to incorporate both concepts. We went out and found the biggest, meanest person we could find and paired him up with the smallest most skilled karate girl of all time.  We searched the earth for waterfalls and crystals and rented a horse. The results made us laugh pretty hard for while and won the young actress Teila Nobel an award too!