Feature Film Title Design
Starring Thomas Middleditch, Jess Weixler
Directed by Jason James
Produced by Amber Ripley

Project Brief

Director Jason James and producer Amber Ripley invited us to design title cards for their latest film, Entanglement – a “magical realist romantic comedy” that’s also “kind of a comedy about depression.”

Jason was full of ideas right out the gate and his key aesthetic words were “vinyl” and “handmade.” We watched the edit and worked with designer Stephen Mullally to provide four proof of concepts. Jason quickly decided on the book cover style with illustrations of key images out of the film, and debossed text.

Key Collaborator


Once the direction was decided, we let designer Stephen Mullally loose on the illustrations, typography and layouts. He was a one-man band and carried the creative through to completion for the opening and closing credits.

Project Director / Graham Kew

Graham Kew is a master at video graphics.  Combined with a keen sense of visual design and some savvy skills in computer compositing, he can make a simple video beautiful.