Who We Are

Anthem Jackson is the filmmaking duo of Daniel Code and Graham Kew. We are both Vancouver-based filmmakers with 10+ years of experience in a mish-mash combination of directing, producing, writing, editing, and shooting. Telling unique and captivating visual stories are what we’re all about.

Selected Clients

We want to make unforgettable films.

A Two Man Team

Dan is our ideas-man, built upon his years of work in sketch comedy. Graham specializes in story structure, a skill forged in years of editing documentary film. Together they’re the filmmaking duo, Anthem Jackson.

When it comes to our client-based work, we carefully build a narrative from what we find in your creative brief – or from a blank slate – that stands out, is totally memorable, and utterly unique to you and your product/brand/band/company. We believe that viewers will connect to storytelling, not just snappy visuals.

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